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Practical approach
TravelpoolEurope (TPE) seeks to observe the CSR principles stated below through recommendations, dissemination of information, counselling and concrete tools which support a CSR process for the employees, each member and for travel products as well as activities.

Voluntariness and recommendations
TPE’s CSR principles apply to TPE’s own activities and work as recommendations for our members and suppliers as far as environmental and social sustainability goes. Members and suppliers decide for themselves which approach and which aspects of sustainability they find the most relevant to work with in their field of business.

Focus areas
TPE has defined four overall focus areas, which at the same time aim towards contribute to meet the 17 global goals by the UN:
  • Privacy and data protection – TPE is very conscientious and responsible when it comes to protecting our data information on employees, members and suppliers. TPE complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in which the protection of privacy has high priority. TPE seeks to deliver a secure business environment in order to protect the private information of employees and members.
  • People - TPE offers a workplace free of discrimination where all employees get to use their potential based on achievement and ability. TPE wants to be an agent for positive changes in society, where rights and opportunities are equal regardless of gender and background.
  • Environment & Climate - TPE makes an effort to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees. We prioritize using suppliers that are focused on reducing the environmental impact related to generating garbage and emissions into the air, water and land. TPE considers it essential to promote sustainability and have relevant information integrated throughout the reporting cycle. In addition, as far as possible, TPE engages collectively in the goal to strengthen sustainable development and save the climate.
  • Ethical business areas - TPE complies with the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates and does business in an ethical manner.

Plan of action
In practice, TPE’s CSR policy is carried out via a plan of action for environmental and social sustainability respectively, including concrete activities and tools for each of the four focus areas mentioned above.
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