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TPE offers full BPO expense management services. We help our members become more efficient, as we remove the daily hazzle of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Instead, we make it possible for them to concentrate fully on core business competencies in each of their hyper-competitive markets. Expense management the TPE-way is lean without mean, and quick without dirty.

End-to-end travel sourcing and expense management made simple

Expense management

Major global crises have a tendency to drive long-term change. The ongoing pandemic is a striking example, as it has interfered heavily in all of our lives and actions, highlighting the need for businesses to become more agile and adaptable to change. ‘Necessity drives innovation’ – just like ‘perception drives reality’ – and most especially in times of growing uncertainty.

Sense of urgency
Decisions are made with a new sense of urgency and perspective, and we note a significant shift in corporate behaviour towards rethinking the overall approach to procurement. Simplification and automation are key drivers, and although cost control naturally remains a top priority, the shift from day-to-day survival in favour of long-term balancing of objectives has become evident.

Driving value, improving cash flow and improving efficiency
TravelpoolEurope offers a full BPO expense management service. Fully acknowledging that no business can be an expert at everything, we help our members drive value and become more efficient. And just as importantly, we make it possible for them to concentrate fully on core business competencies in each of their hyper-competitive markets. Because outsourcing all operational work related to expense management to specialists with relevant knowledge and economies of scale will do exactly that: Allow you to focus on generating business value rather than time-consuming administrative tasks.
A matter of trust
Although simplified by leading market specialists, expense management remains a matter of trust. Trust in safety of data handling. Trust in functional and intuitive systems. And trust in time handling of expense requests. In consequence, TravelpoolEurope has chosen the #1 global solution available on the market. As SAP Concur partner, we stay committed to reinventing travel, expense and invoice management with tools that continue to simplify your everyday processes and create better experiences.
Exceeding expectations
SAP Concur is implemented in 16,500+ companies throughout 90+ countries worldwide. And out of the ten largest global corporations today, seven run SAP Concur. In short, we give you a simple, safe and fast process, implementing best-in-class technology and user-friendly tools – resulting in the most efficient expense handling.

This is how

We do a fast and smooth implementation of a fully operative expense management system, including the most lean and effective processes
We manage and adhere to local rules globally in terms of per diem, mileage, VAT and tax
We make the best-in-class software available to your employees, so that they can do their expenses on-the-go via an app or from their laptop - regardless of where they are located globally
We handle a fully outsourced, global back-end operation - from managing the system to rendering first-class support, reconciliation and payments of vendors, tax reporting and VAT reclaim
We submit a full and complete posting file in accordance with your instructions and send you only one invoice, covering everything
We support managers in all approval processes and ensure complience
We reimburse travelers on their local bank accounts on a day-to-day basis
We offer you full transparency and access to live reporting, allowing you to make better decisions at all times.

It’s really that simple. Logo

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