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We power better and more sustainable travel through technology.
It’s really that simple


At TPE, we help our members meet the needs of the present without comprising the future, using our in-depth technological expertise, year-long experience, and profound business insights.

Powering more sustainable travel through technology
Sustainability is a revolving factor in the overall strategy of most companies, and with our technology, cross-border member network and outstanding industry expertise, we are in a unique position to make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our members.

A road to be taken rather than a destination
At TPE, we are very much aware that sustainability is a road to be taken, rather than a destination, and we know that continuous improvement is required if wanting to contribute to the long-term sustainable growth of our member companies and our industry. Thus, we support our members in setting up goals, milestones, and benchmarks to help ensure and that they move in the right direction as far as quantifying various potential emissions reduction opportunities.

We help you to crack the code
Thus, when you are a TPE member company, outsourcing your travel management activities to us, we help you crack the code, ensuring that you reach your 2030 and 2050 sustainability goals.
This is how
Through a vast data capture, we will display a clear template analysis of your travel footprint in a determined baseline year, where 2019 is used as default; however, we expect to use a new one from 2023, as it has a richer and more extensive set of data.
We will support you in presenting the opportunities of where and how to begin to reduce your footprint, always staying on top of data (flights, hotels, car rentals, trains, mileage, etc.) to ensure the right focus on your company goals (net-zero goals, SBTI goals for 2030 and 2050), etc.
We will explore areas, including policy-led emission reductions through to transitional travel opportunities and more strategic sourcing with sustainability at the core of travel decision-making.
We will present a series of scenario recommendations based on your goals and our analyses thereof, quantifying various potential emissions reduction opportunities.
We offer you full transparency and visibility throughout the process of determining specific initiatives (travel policy in terms of price and environmental preferences, decrease in business class and transition travels, direct flights, more travelers in the same car, train instead of airplanes, where/ when possible; and other specific net-zero projects)
We will monitor, follow-up and report on your net-zero goals on a yearly basis, so as to implement adjustments, if needed, ensuring that you always have best-in-class suggestions and solutions available. These will be shown in a yearly action plan, allowing you to make better and more sustainable decisions at all times.

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