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Business travel is a challenging category to manage. At TPE, we handle it like any other spend category, solely focusing on ensuring the best overall performance.

Our global set-up ensures massive annual savings, favourable terms, and full compliance. Our unique structure offers our members an equally unique and unmatched combination of

End-to-end travel sourcing and expense management made simple

Travel sourcing

Fast-moving, dynamic and highly complex
Right up until the current worldwide pandemic, the travel market has been known to be fast-moving, dynamic and with an immense built-in complexity that requires specialized, hands-on attention. Business travel will resume, and additional growth is expected already by the end of 2020 and onwards.

Trusted advisor
TravelpoolEurope is a non-profit business association working for the benefit of our owners. We are a collaboration between 35+ major companies for whom we serve as specialists and trusted advisors, offering optimal guidance on business travel, and carrying out the actual purchasing, independently of supplier interests. We operate in 30+ countries with experts who have year-long experience in every aspect of the travel business.
The highest level of expertise
At TravelpoolEurope, we handle business travel like any other spend category, solely focusing on ensuring the best overall performance. Being a trusted advisor on travel management, we hold the highest level of expertise, allowing our members to:

• Tap into the best discount agreements, travel terms and conditions
• Put in place a clearly defined travel policy and secure compliancy follow-up
• Ensure optimal purchasing processes.

Over the course of a year alone, TravelpoolEurope will deliver the prospected savings through detailed market intelligence and vast experience – and without changing your company’s travel policy.

This is how

We build a baseline, taking a deep dive into all data, so that we know what we are talking about
We handle services and day-today operations globally – online and full service
We report against baseline
We implement best-in-class processes to ensure optimal no-loss use of tickets and accommodation
We follow market prices right up until your departure, constantly checking and optimizing accordingly
We implement action plans and activities to continuously improve all benefits.
We negotiate vendor contracts for all TravelpoolEurope members, benefitting you directly
We report compliance ‘real time’, allowing you to act in a timely manner

It’s really that simple. Logo

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