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As industries fight to become more and more competitive, you can trust TPE to be your expert partner every step of the way.

We have the buying power, the detailed market intelligence, and the in-depth experience and expertise to cover everything from phrasing your travel policy to completing your expense and invoice management.

Meet TPE’s employees

Meet Thomas Jørgensen (49) – Manager, Travel Procurement
Has worked at TPE for 16 years
At TPE we are focused on creating results. For our members, and together with our members. But definitely also as colleagues. The basic element of everything we do is streamlining, and we are therefore constantly on the lookout for ways to lift our member companies concerning their non-strategic purchases. It is an ingrained part of our DNA that our members come first. Their needs are what set the agenda. Their requests are the basis of our work. And their demands are what we analyze and work towards meeting as optimally as possible”. Thomas Jørgensen – Manager, Travel Procurement
”Precisely because we are a non-profit member organisation there is no pressure from the top for us to sell a lot. It is also not a goal for us to simply finish current cases and move on as fast as possible. We have other objectives which allow us the space and time to immerse ourselves. And we are happy to use the extra minute and walk or run that extra mile it might take, precisely because we are a service function. So when we say that we only exist for our members, it is much more than just a figure of speech. It is the very DNA in our business model and price structure that the accumulated effect we achieve by doing tasks on behalf of some members will benefit all members of TPE. As a non-profit member organisation all benefits go directly back to the member companies, and that way of thinking permeates our daily work tasks in a very positive way”.

”As manager I am part of the day-to-day operations - also because I have consistently wanted to be a part of the action, where the work is done and tasks are completed. Before TPE I was employed for a number of years at a large travel agency and was starting to get tired of it. Working at a big place like that means there is a tendency towards hierarchies and a number of layers that suggestions and ideas have to be filtered through before it may lead to decisions that may lead to change. At TPE ideas can be quickly realised and carried out. We are a smaller company with a large degree of flexibility in our daily routines. And even today, 16 years after first starting here, TPE is still a workplace that listens and is open to dialogue and innovative thinking”.
In general I think it would be fair to say that the travel business is tough and that there is a lot of pressure all the way around. However, it is characteristic of TPE that we all pull together and make each other better. Most of our employees have been here for a long time. We get along well and we support and take care of each other - both professionally and privately. Everyone contributes and participates. It is a workplace I would definitely recommend to others.” Thomas Jørgensen – Manager, Travel Procurement

When you are aplying for a position with TPE

One of the things we are most interested in when we are interviewing potential new colleagues is finding out what kind of person is hiding behind the application. Competency and professionalism is of the utmost importance to us, and therefore we are focused on and interested in getting to know you as a person, so that we can find out together how you and your competences fit in with TPE, and if we are a good match for you.

Do you want to be part of an exciting team working with travel booking and consulting?
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After the pandemic we are once again very busy and are therefore always on the lookout for new colleagues. We would love to hear from you if you would like to ensure our member companies get the top-professional guidance they need and are entitled to, and if you would like to be part of a really good team of about 40 colleagues!
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