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6 ways TPE members save time and money when flights are disrupted



6 ways TPE members save time and money when flights are disrupted

Strikes, bad weather, air traffic control failures ... unfortunately, there are many reasons business travellers regularly have their journey plans disrupted.

When a flight is cancelled or delayed, you need help fast: it’s a race against time to get booked on the next most convenient departure before any of your fellow passengers. And that’s when the value of booking with TPE instead of on an airline website or via an online travel agency really shines through.

TPE versus airlines and OTAs – Here’s the difference
SAS cancelled 4,000 flights because of strike action from 26 April - 3 May 2019.
Here’s how we supported travellers compared with OTAs and SAS’s own website*:



Direct airline website/online travel agencies

Average response time

15-30 minutes

Up to 5 hours

Was the traveller contacted?

Yes, TPE contacted all travellers directly to re-book/change

No, travellers had to initiate contact to re-book/change

Fee for support


0-250 DKK depending on provider

Fee for rebooking


250-600 DKK depending on provider

Fee for cancellation

0-65 DKK

0-350 DKK depending on provider

Automated process for claiming flight compensation


No, traveller must contact airline directly

The figures tell a clear story. Getting help from OTAs or direct airline sites is harder, slower, and often more expensive too – and that’s if you can get any assistance at all.

TPE’s team constantly monitors all members’ travellers who are affected by any disruptions. We contact them proactively to rearrange their schedules as needed. We also update our platforms and alert company travel role contacts at each member with latest developments.

What’s the financial saving?
During the SAS strike we re-booked 1,821 trips for our members’ travellers cost-free (except for the difference in price from distributors). Since OTAs and airline websites charge 250-600 DKK per re-booking, that means our members saved 450,000 - 1 million DKK combined.

And there were major hidden savings too that are harder to quantify precisely:

  • Travellers spent less of their valuable time re-booking.
  • More travellers succeeded in getting to their meetings faster – a huge productivity gain.
  • Travellers from TPE members signed up to our partnership with had their delayed flights automatically reviewed and could look forward to compensation if their cases are won.

* Comparisions are based on benchmarks from SAS and major Momondo partner online agencies.

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