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Join forces with other successful companies and save 10-24% on business travel spendings



Join forces with other successful companies and save 10-24% on business travel spendings

TravelpoolEurope (TPE) is a successful joint venture between a large group of big Scandinavian companies, for example Coloplast, COOP Danmark, Fujitsu, Aller Group, and Ambu. The group has a combined travel budget of 650 mio. dkk. and has through a joint procurement setup reached documented savings of 10-24% on their business travel spend across 30 countries.

What does it mean to be a part of TPE?

For corporate companies who join the TPE Group – it means that you no longer have to worry about managing your business travel activities – you book your travel as you do today, but in the background and  at an arm’s length from the company a group of procurement specialists, who are highly specialized in the travel category, work to optimize your travel budget.

In TPE, you get a 100% dedicated service center, which exists for you. We exist for our members because we are owned by our members. It is the very DNA of our business model and cost-based price structure, the combined effort leads to documented savings and substantial benefits.

With 28 years of experience in the business, we know what it means to conduct travel management with a global perspective. This equips all our members with safety in that we know how to maneuver in the dynamic and everchanging world of business travel management.

By leveraging the combined purchasing volume of TPE and by implementing procurement processes that optimize the daily operation and saves money, members get access to prices the company would never have reached on its own.

What are the benefits for my company?

First of all – transparency. Companies normally don’t know their full travel spend without spending huge efforts to find out. A TPE membership starts by building the company baseline based on your actual numbers. This give you a great starting point that enables us to focus on the right areas to optimize your savings.

Through our travel program setup your company can achieve savings of 10-24 %.

These savings come from 4 main activities:


  • Travel agency:
    Optimize processes, leverage volume and a non-profit setup, means we can keep down operational costs.
  • Negotiated supplier discounts:
    TPE´s unique member-based structure grants us a heavy leverage in negotiation situations and consequently better prices and conditions for all members.
  • Procurement processes:
    Utilizing best-in-class technology secures swift, safe and intuitive handling of all travel-related needs, saving you and your employees time and money.
  • Administration:
    Simple and effective processes, VAT reclaim, compensations and other small daily opportunities are structured and bring payback.

And further to that, TPE also have a full expense management solution with Concur, which gives a full end-to-end process, easing the strain on your company.

Ease of use for your company travels:

To assist our travelers as end-users, we provide top-of-the-line expense and travel tools.
For travel, we provide an online booking solution that enables travelers to access best prices and negotiated rates while being informed of which choices are within their company travel policy. This helps secure compliance and documented savings.

For expense, we have a close partnership with Concur, which allows our members access to the latest expense management technology and tools. The global expense handling market leader Concur, is a carefully chosen trusted partner that helps you take the pain out of expense management.

What’s in it for the members?

TPE members benefit from every new member, as this sees the total volume increase. This allows TPE to negotiate better deals for everyone, which means lowered costs for TPE. This affects the whole TPE Group and benefits all members.

New members also give new opportunities, which means that the company will see its benefits accumulate over time.

Interested in joining the movement?

If you see yourself as a future part of this membership, we can draw up an analysis of your current travel spend – this is free of charge for future members.

Who can join?

TPE Group is mainly for companies that have international activities and travel frequently.

A typical TPE member has the following characteristics:

  • Travel budget > 2,5 mio. dkk.
  • >100 employees
  • HQ in Scandinavia

However, our solution is flexible, and we serve a lot of companies that are outside these characteristics.

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