Travel Management

Business travel 2+2=5

TravelpoolEurope is the world’s only member-owned shared service center for travel procurement. We offer a unique and smart way to buy and manage business travel.

We exist for our members - which is not just a figure of speech. We are owned by our members, and it is the very DNA of our business model and price structure, and we can prove it. Documented figures show members save 10-24 % annual on their corporate travel spend with no changes in policy.

As a global travel solution, we can provide a fully managed travel category in more than 30 countries and deliver the company's uniformed travel solution across the entire organization.

Expense Management

As lean as it gets

In partnership with Concur, TravelpoolEurope offers a full BPO expense management service.

Our global expense services are done at armlength from the company and take away all operational work related to expense management and systems including reconciliations, employee reimburstments, tax reporting, and system maintenance.

Company ERP system (any system) only needs a simple interface and GL category structure as the main intercompany and balance accounts are not relevant.

It is not a huge project - and it is a simple, safe and fast process. This leaves more resources for you to focus on your core competencies.

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TPE is not a corporate travel agency - we are the members’ very own travel function. There is a noticeable difference.


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