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on Corporate Travel

Once a month TPE releases a background article which will help readers know more about corporate travel and the travel expenditure of their company.

You and the EU – How the single European market has helped business travel
The shock of the UK Brexit vote make this an ideal moment to ask what corporate travel has gained from the European Union and what more is needed to harmonise EU-wide travel programmes.

Expense management – why buying an online tool is the first step, not the last
Automated tools are speeding up reimbursement claims but companies need a broader strategy to optimise expense processes and improve the quality of reporting.

Getting to know you – how personalisation is transforming corporate travel
Travel suppliers are building massive databases that allow them to deliver carefully customised offers to entice your company’s travellers. Will you have to start personalising your managed travel programme as well to keep those travellers compliant?


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Travel and Expense management


Keeping track of travel expenditure - network that work 

TravelpoolEurope is the world's only member-owned shared service centre for travel procurement. It means we offer unique, smarter ways to buy and manage business travel. 

We exist for our members. And that is not just a figure of speech. We exist for our members because we are owned by our members. It is the very DNA of our business model and price structure, and we can prove it.

Documented figures show members save 10-24 % annually on their corporate travel spend. 



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