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on Corporate Travel

Once a month TPE releases a background article which will help readers know more about corporate travel and the travel expenditure of their company.

Let's work together - Finding the right internal collaborators to manage your company travel programme
Travel management is becoming an increasingly multi-disciplinary practice, requiring significant input from stakeholders as diverse as finance, legal and marketing. What issues do you need to cover with each of them?

Get ready for GDPR - how Europe's new data protection legislation affects your travel programme.
The EU's Genereal Data Protection Regulation will have a profound impact on corporate travel from May 2018, so it is essential to prepare now. Here are the major issues to think about.

Pre-trip approval – is it right for your company?

Requiring travellers to get the green light for their planned journeys is coming back into fashion. But what seems like a sensible idea in theory can end up costing a company more in practice, without careful planning.

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Travel and Expense management


Keeping track of travel expenditure - network that work 

TravelpoolEurope is the world's only member-owned shared service centre for travel procurement. It means we offer unique, smarter ways to buy and manage business travel. 

We exist for our members. And that is not just a figure of speech. We exist for our members because we are owned by our members. It is the very DNA of our business model and price structure, and we can prove it.

Documented figures show members save 10-24 % annually on their corporate travel spend. 



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