TPE – the members’ very own complete travel function

TPE is not a corporate travel agency - we are the members’ very own travel function. There is a noticeable difference.

The (most) loyal partner of your company

TPE is a loyal and visionary partner in the area of corporate travel.
When counselling we always keep the needs and bottom line of your company in mind, and the interests of suppliers are not taken into consideration. Any profit always goes to members of TPE.

"Keep it simple" is more than just a figure of speech for us, which is why we do not have any hidden fees or expenses. By having a completely transparent price structure we are helping our members make informed choices.
Our members know they can trust us and as a result are very satisfied with our services.

Shared service - for your sake

TPE has gathered a number of activities under one roof which our members previously managed separately. We are your company’s shared service centre in the area of corporate travel, and this offers a wide number of benefits for each member:

- Better service
- Improved supplier agreements
- Reduced travel expenses
- Reduced resource consumption
- Access to specialised knowledge
- Access to qualified counselling
- Standardisation of processes and working procedures
- Elimination of redundant activities
- Focus on the core competencies of your company


TPE will assist you before, during and after your trip

No matter which department you work in, TPE will benefit you. Efficient booking, fast and safe travel reimbursement, assistance in financial management accounting and detailed management reporting are just a few of the benefits.

TPE's end-to-end koncept is the best solution for your company before, during and after your trip.

Did you know...
TPE passses all benefits on to its members?

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