Perspectives on Corporate Travel

23/08/2018 Reward programmes - Norway requires businesses to report employees' loyalty point spend
Companies are unclear what practical steps they can take to comply with the new ruling, which takes effect in the new year.
01/06/2018 NDC update - what the latest airline distribution changes mean for travel buyers
The big European carriers are all changing their economic models as they introduce new technology for selling to corporate customers. How will the shake-up affect the way you book air travel - and how much you pay for it?
01/05/2018 Blockchain is great - but are smart hotel contracts a dumb idea?
Blockchain could transform amany business processes but there are question marks about one of the first proposed applications for corporate travel: self-regulating "smart" hotel contracts. Could they actually push your accommodation costs up instead of down?
01/04/2018 Re-booking tools - a new way to reduce your airfares and hotel rates
Tools like Yapta, Tripbam and Fairfly claim to slash travel costs by rebooking airline seats or hotel rooms if they become available at a lower price after the original reservation is made. How does it work, what is the savings potential and are there any catches to what looks like a no-lose technology?
01/03/2018 Beware of the taxman - are your business travellers liable for tax?
Business travellers may need to pay taxes in foreign countries they visit for as little as one day. How can your company keep itself compliant with international fiscal and visa/immigration obligations?
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