Perspectives on Corporate Travel

01/07/2017 Easy money – why FinTech is taking the pain out of payments
Virtual, mobile and invisible payments and up-and-coming blockchain technology all promise to make corporate payments far faster, more compliant and better audited than ever before.
01/06/2017 Direct airline distribution – a blessing or a curse for corporate travel buyers?
Airlines are building direct channels to sell not only seats but ancillary services to their corporate clients. That could produce benefits such as more customised corporate deals, but it may cause problems too if it starts to fragment the distribution process.
01/04/2017 The shock of the new – how to integrate Airbnb and Uber into your managed travel programme
Strong employee demand is pressurising businesses to let their travellers book Uber and Airbnb, even though these new ground transportation and accommodation “disruptors” raise duty of care and other management challenges.
01/03/2017 New tricks – how to find fresh savings from a mature travel programme
Even if you already have a smooth-running policy and impressive supplier discounts, there are always new ways to reduce your cost of travel.
01/02/2017 Your travel policy under threat – how to handle hotels tempting your travellers to book direct
Hotels are stepping up the incentives they offer guests to book direct with them – and that’s a headache for corporate clients, who don’t know where their travellers are staying. How can you fight back?
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