Perspectives on Corporate Travel

01/01/2018 Flight plans - how major airline changes could affect your supplier programme
From new low-cost long-haul services to the disappearance of well-known European carriers, the global air market is shifting dramatically. What do four key aviation developments mean for corporate travel buyers?
01/12/2017 2018 Forecast - the year ahead for business travel
How much you are going to pay for travel around the world over the next 12 months – and what are the five big trends you should watch out for?
01/11/2017 Let's work together - Finding the right internal collaborators to manage your company travel programme
Travel management is becoming an increasingly multi-disciplinary practice, requiring significant input from stakeholders as diverse as finance, legal and marketing. What issues do you need to cover with each of them?
01/10/2017 Get ready for GDPR - how Europe's new data protection legislation affects your travel programme.
The EU's Genereal Data Protection Regulation will have a profound impact on corporate travel from May 2018, so it is essential to prepare now. Here are the major issues to think about.
01/09/2017 Pre-trip approval – is it right for your company?
Requiring travellers to get the green light for their planned journeys is coming back into fashion. But what seems like a sensible idea in theory can end up costing a company more in practice, without careful planning.
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