Outsourcing your company’s travel function is well worth it

”Doing it yourself” can make good financial sense but not when it comes to corporate travel.
TPE has been counselling companies in corporate travel matters for two decades and the conclusion is that outsourcing your company’s travel function is well worth it. While some companies choose to only outsource part of their travel function, the members of TPE have chosen to outsource the entire travel function of their company.


 This is why we recommend an entirely outsourced travel function:

Dedicated resources
TPE is constantly dedicated to keeping the focus on your company’s bottom line
Focus on the travel policy of your company
TPE makes complying with your company’s travel policy easy
Improved supplier agreements
Large travel volumes mean better supplier agreements, also to marginal destinations
Best practices
TPE knows the best practices of the business and implements them in your company.
Travel management made simple
TPE replaces manual routines with simple and automated processes.
Complete end-to-end-service
TPE covers the entire travel and expense management process.
Expertise and specialised knowledge
TPE’s expertise creates positive results for its members.
TPE offers complete transparency and better control.


TPE - the missing link


TPE was founded in response to increased complexity in the area of corporate travel. There was a need for specialised knowledge and impartial counselling which Danish companies had a hard time finding with traditional corporate travel agencies. TPE was this missing link and today we are a strong and serious alternative to the traditional corporate travel agencies.
TPE delivers noticeable cost savings without your company having to go through a number of major changes.  We guarantee that the biggest change for you is much simpler travel management and improvements in your travel expenditure.
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