Cross-level effect – travellers and travel bookers

As a traveller or travel booker you can look forward to a partner who is there for you.

TPE will help you with anything from individual travel and group travel to meetings and conferences. In addition to this we offer counselling, web training, attractive prices, automatic travel reimbursement and a “follow me” programme which tracks employees.

Read more about our end-to-end service here.


We know where you are

When you book your trip via TPE you can feel completely safe no matter where you are. Our tracking system is your guarantee that your home base always knows exactly where you are.


Of course we store your data securely and they cannot be misused by others. We comply with all legal standards for storing personal data and only use the tracking technology in case of an emergency.



You can find us both online and offline

When you are booking a trip with TPE you can do so either online, via e-mail or by telephone. No matter which method you use we can guarantee you that your personal information is handled professionally and confidentially. This also applies when you are using our global travel reimbursement system.


We prioritise a fast, safe and efficient service. Our biannual satisfaction surveys show that we succeed in this.

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