Hígh level of member satisfaction

The members of TPE are generally very satisfied with the service provided when they are booking via TPE. We send out satisfaction surveys to our members twice a year and the responses to these clearly demonstrate satisfaction.
We are very pleased with the fact that our members are satisfied with us and the fact that we have managed to maintain a high level of satisfaction throughout all the years we have been carrying out these surveys. The member satisfaction has been around 90 % since we started doing these biannual surveys.

Even though TPE has expanded globally with local partnerships to serve our members' needs in regards to travel during the last few years, the general satisfaction remains high. This is because we continually make sure that our high standards for service are met also for our partners.

We are confident that our high level of member satisfaction is due to the fact that we listen to our members and take them seriously. We know our members very well and take into consideration the comments and suggestions we receive daily and in the satisfaction surveys. This enables us to deliver a targeted service which matches the expectations of our members.
The diagram shows the general satisfaction among TPE's members from Spring 2013 - Spring 2018:



General member satisfaction 2005-2012

General member satisfaction over the past years.


Fast and easy implementation - and 100 % satisfaction

It is of course important to us that our members are satisfied with the services we provide once they are members, but it is equally important that they are satisfied with the implementation process. And in this area member satisfaction is 100 %.

Our new members tell us that the implementation process is swift and easy. 88 % say that they have spent less than or as many resources in the implementation process as they expected.
Our new members said this about us:


"I would like to complement TPE for making our change in travel supplier relatively pain free."


"Switching to TPE did not cause us any major problems. Their system is user-friendly and we work well together."


"TPE is cheaper, more flexible and more honest in their management than our previous travel agency."


"The transparency of prices is one of the best things about TPE – it makes it easier to compare actual prices."


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