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Join forces with other s..
Join forces with other successful c..
TravelpoolEurope (TPE) is a successful joint venture between a large group of big Scandinavian companies, for example Coloplast, COOP Danmark, Fujitsu, Aller Group, and A...

Stay on business class a..
Stay on business class and save 22%
By implementing rate caps on business class travels, a major member of the TPE Group has made significant savings on business class travel – amounting to saving of...

Virtually there – Why it..
Virtually there – Why it’s time to..
Security, easy admin and data visibility are just a few reasons virtual cards are an excellent way to pay for business travel. And now regulatory challenges and mobile in...

Card revolution – how ne..
Card revolution – how new European..
Mandatory security measures for online card payments from 14 September could force some companies to update their booking and payment procedures if they pay with plastic...

Do the right thing – 12..
Do the right thing – 12 ideas to ma..
From improved communication to cleverer use of technology, there are many ways to improve poor compliance levels and drive down travel costs. Trends come and go in corpo...

Artificial intelligence..
Artificial intelligence – 11 ways i..
AI is set to improve and personalise every step of the trip process for business travellers while also handing greater control and data visibility to their employers. A...

Brexit 2019
Brexit 2019
Five key challenges that could hit your travel programme and travellers if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal on 31 October. A day of independence that retu...

Direction of travel – Ho..
Direction of travel – How to write..
It’s time to create a plan that ensures your travel programme aligns with your business’s overall strategic goals. Whether a full-time or part-time role in y...

2019 – What will happen..
2019 – What will happen to the cost..
Robust economic growth is likely to push air fares and hotel rates upwards next year, but forecasters dispute how far risks like the US-China trade war could affect the m...

Time for change – how th..
Time for change – how the corporate..
Microsoft Travel has published a “manifesto” demanding a corporate travel technology revolution plus reform of the industry’s financial structure. Here&...

Reward programmes – Norw..
Reward programmes – Norway requires..
Companies are unclear what practical steps they can take to comply with the new ruling, which takes effect in the new year. From 1 January 2019, Norwegian companies will...

NDC update - what the la..
NDC update - what the latest airlin..
The big European carriers are all changing their economic models as they introduce new technology for selling to corporate customers. How will the shake-up affect the way...

Blockchain is great – bu..
Blockchain is great – but are smart..
Blockchain could transform many business processes but there are question marks about one of the first proposed applications for corporate travel: self-regulating “...

Re-booking tools – a new..
Re-booking tools – a new way to red..
Tools like Yapta, Tripbam and FairFly claim to slash travel costs by rebooking airline seats or hotel rooms if they become available at a lower price after the original r...

Beware of the taxman – A..
Beware of the taxman – Are your bus..
Business travellers may need to pay taxes in foreign countries they visit for as little as one day. How can your company keep itself compliant with international fiscal a...

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