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Green light – are you fo..
Green light – are you following new..
A new EU-wide requirement for many more companies to report on their CO2 emissions, including those caused by travel, took effect in 2017. What are the rules, how do you...

Flight plans – how major..
Flight plans – how major airline ch..
From new low-cost long-haul services to the disappearance of well-known European carriers, the global air market is shifting dramatically. What do four key aviation devel...

2018 forecast – the year..
2018 forecast – the year ahead for..
How much you are going to pay for travel around the world over the next 12 months – and what are the five big trends you should watch out for? From North Korea to...

Let’s work together – Fi..
Let’s work together – Finding the r..
Travel management is becoming an increasingly multi-disciplinary practice, requiring significant input from stakeholders as diverse as finance, legal and marketing. What...

Get ready for GDPR – how..
Get ready for GDPR – how Europe’s n..
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will have a profound impact on corporate travel from May 2018, so it is essential to prepare now. Here are the major iss...

Pre-trip approval – is i..
Pre-trip approval – is it right for..
Requiring travellers to get the green light for their planned journeys is coming back into fashion. But what seems like a sensible idea in theory can end up costing a com...

Bleisure – a pleasure or..
Bleisure – a pleasure or a pain for..
Allowing corporate travellers to add leisure time to their business trips makes good sense from an HR perspective but can create problems such as added costs and distorte...

Easy money – why FinTech..
Easy money – why FinTech is taking..
Virtual, mobile and invisible payments and up-and-coming blockchain technology all promise to make corporate payments far faster, more compliant and better audited than e...

Direct airline distribut..
Direct airline distribution – a ble..
Airlines are building direct channels to sell not only seats but ancillary services to their corporate clients. That could produce benefits such as more customised corpor...

The shock of the new – h..
The shock of the new – how to integ..
Strong employee demand is pressurising businesses to let their travellers book Uber and Airbnb, even though these new ground transportation and accommodation “disru...

New tricks – how to find..
New tricks – how to find fresh savi..
Even if you already have a smooth-running policy and impressive supplier discounts, there are always new ways to reduce your cost of travel. Hollywood has a saying that...

Your travel policy under..
Your travel policy under threat – h..
Hotels are stepping up the incentives they offer guests to book direct with them – and that’s a headache for corporate clients, who don’t know where the...

2017 forecast – the year..
2017 forecast – the year ahead for..
In the most uncertain global environment for many decades, how will the cost of business trips develop over the next 12 months, and what else will change in the world of...

World class – Take your..
World class – Take your travel prog..
It’s no longer only the mega-corporations which want to manage travel across borders. Even relatively small companies are going multinational, and that means findin...

Advance maths – how enco..
Advance maths – how encouraging tra..
Your business can slash air ticket costs by 30 per cent or more through advance booking, but you need strong data analysis, careful policy management and above all excell...

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