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Foreign VAT recovery – a..
Foreign VAT recovery – a great oppo..
Businesses can reclaim the VAT their travellers incur on foreign trip, yet many don’t bother because the process is so difficult. Now all that is changing ... Cons...

You and the EU – How the..
You and the EU – How the single Eur..
The shock of the UK Brexit vote make this an ideal moment to ask what corporate travel has gained from the European Union and what more is needed to harmonise EU-wide tra...

Expense management – why..
Expense management – why buying an..
Automated tools are speeding up reimbursement claims but companies need a broader strategy to optimise expense processes and improve the quality of reporting. Too many b...

Getting to know you – ho..
Getting to know you – how personali..
Travel suppliers are building massive databases that allow them to deliver carefully customised offers to entice your company’s travellers. Will you have to start p...

Let’s get together – how..
Let’s get together – how to build a..
Bringing meetings spend under control is even tougher than running a general business travel programme. But escalating security concerns and evolving technology are persu...

Turning data into action..
Turning data into action – find the..
Key performance indicators provide an instant snapshot of the state of your travel programme. But how do you choose the metrics that really show you and your travellers w...

Driven to succeed – why..
Driven to succeed – why now is the..
The Uber revolution and some excellent new management technology mean businesses can no longer ignore how their travellers book taxis and limos. Do you control your grou...

Move with the times – ta..
Move with the times – take your tra..
A mobile strategy for your travel programme is no longer optional but essential for understanding, engaging with and steering travellers. Twenty years into the Internet...

Death of Safe Harbor
Death of Safe Harbor
If your company uses any United States-based travel service providers you urgently need to review what steps they take to protect your travellers’ personal data. O...

Risk management – make y..
Risk management – make your travell..
Shocking terrorist incidents and disasters during 2015 have proved yet again that companies need a robust risk management strategy for their travellers. If you don’...

The EU Interchange Fee R..
The EU Interchange Fee Regulation –..
The European Union is capping the amount card companies can charge to merchants who accept their plastic – but while most corporate cards are exempt from the regula...

Stay smart – how to impr..
Stay smart – how to improve your ho..
Travel buyers are in the middle of negotiating their hotel deals for the year ahead. But is the lengthy process of putting together an annual accommodation programme stil...

Adding China to your mul..
Adding China to your multinational..
Different laws, technology, culture and even writing systems mean it is never business as usual for companies managing their fast-growing travel spend in China. What are...

The Lufthansa GDS surcha..
The Lufthansa GDS surcharge – how i..
Lufthansa has announced its intention to surcharge €16 for all bookings made through global distribution systems. That may sound like bad news for corporate customer...

Fuel surcharges – why ar..
Fuel surcharges – why aren’t airlin..
Oil prices are plummeting, yet most airlines have made either limited reductions to their fuel surcharges or none at all. Critics say it is the latest proof that surcharg...

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